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In March 2008 Companhia das Letras began one of its biggest-ever editorial projects: the republication of the complete works of Jorge Amado, the Bahian writer who created some of the most famous, charismatic and daring characters and stories in our literature, placing Bahia at the heart of our nation and revealing himself to be a valuable interpreter of all things Brazilian. Under the coordination of Alberto da Costa e Silva and Lilia Moritz Schwarcz, the Jorge Amado Collection involves the participation of important Brazilian writers and intellectuals and an accomplished editorial endeavour, encompassing the careful revision of the texts against the author’s originals and the creation of a new graphic language for the works. The project also includes a series of educational and cultural activities on the life and books of Jorge Amado that will bring the writer back to the nation’s cultural scene.           Centenário Jorge Amado
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